The Catfé is a coffee shop environment, which is quieter and targeted for adults, to keep the stress levels as low as possible for the cats in our care. However, many kids and families with people of all ages enjoy spending time with the kitties and each other! We allow parents to use their discretion on if their child would enjoy the cat lounge and be able to follow the rules and guidelines below. Please read all the information below before booking. We can't offer refunds for cancellations within 24 hours, or for bookings made that don't comply with our policies, but can offer store credit or help with rescheduling!

AGES | All ages are allowed! We encourage parents to use their discretion on if their child would enjoy the cat lounge. Since we have limited space in the cat lounge, people of all ages must have a space reserved.

ACTIVITIES | We have a few games in the lounge but brining your own activities is a great idea! Coloring, reading books, or bringing favorite games are great ways to spend time together and with the kitties!

WAIVERS | You'll sign a waiver in person for your children visiting with you. The online waivers are only for unaccompanied minors, more information below about if your kids want to bring a friend!

BRINGING FRIENDS | Parents may only bring one child who is not their legal minor at a time. The legal parent or guardian of the guest must sign a waiver in advance, which can be found online by clicking here. 

BIRTHDAYS & EVENTS | While we love to be included as a special surprise for birthday celebrations for small groups, we are not scheduling birthday parties for children at this time. 

RULES & GUIDELINES | Keeping the lounge stress free for the kitties our top priority. To accomplish this, we ask people to follow the following behavior guidelines:

  • Use quiet voices, move slowly, and play or pet gently. 
  • Let kitties come to you, instead of chasing them.
  • Let sleeping kitties stay asleep. It can startle them to be woken up suddenly.
  • Take plenty of photos! Just keep the flash off so it doesn't hurt their eyes.
  • For kids over 12, use caution when picking up kitties and only pick up kitties already on the move. Our team can tell you which kitties will be okay with it. For kids under 12, let a parent or guardian pick up the kitties for you and put them in your lap while seated. 
  • Do not let the kitties eat any human food. It makes them very sick.
  • Be respectful to the other guests and don't invade their space. They are here to have a nice visit with the kitties too.

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