We feature local artists from Dayton in our upstairs gallery. The gallery is open any time during our normal business hours with additional seating.




Amy Dallis is a native Daytonian who is fortunate to live and work downtown. Her photographic work is informed by her early 
experience as a documentary filmmaker/visual storyteller and by her desire to create what Ansel Adams described as “the blazing poetry of the real.” Amy loves to shoot landscapes, cityscapes, cemetery art, and street photography and enjoys using everyday technology to capture extraordinary moments. Her favorite review of her work comes from those who say, “Wow. You took that with an iPhone?”

Amy’s primary goal as an artist is to create visual poetry that inspires positive change and uplifts others in their search for meaning and significance. This happens through an artistic conversation that inspires her audience to connect with nature, appreciate beauty, support equality, end violence, seek spiritual enlightenment, preserve and protect historical and archeological treasures, be kind, and do good.

In addition to photography, Amy enjoys reading, writing, arts of all kinds, Crimson Tide football, hanging with her teenage daughter Carissa, and savoring a great cup of coffee. If you see her walking her dog, Sam, at Riverscape or snapping a cityscape of the beautiful Gem City, stop and say hello. You can also check out her work or order copies of her prints at www.amydallis.zenfolio.com.



Tom Gilliam was born in Dayton, grew up in the neighboring suburb of Beavercreek and has been living in the City of Dayton since 2003. He graduated from Beavercreek High School and Greene County Career Center in 1996 with a Computer Information Systems career passport. Gilliam has been an IT professional for 22 years.

In late 2011, he created a personal Instagram account and developed a love of photography as a result. Tom created the @daytongram Instagram account in July of 2013 to showcase the Dayton area and influence people to be excited about the city through his photos. He has been doing professional photography work for 4 years.

In 2016, Tom started doing freelance work for Dayton.com, part of Cox Media Group (parent company of the Dayton Daily News) and created a series in which he photographs/writes about the past, present and future of historic buildings in the Dayton area,  Dayton.com’s The Buildings of Dayton. He has drawn inspiration from many photographers including Dave Schmidt (founder of @cincygram on Instagram) who influenced him to create @daytongram, William Preston Mayfield, Marvin Christian, Andy Snow, Bill Woody and Robert Tobin.

Working with the Dayton Visual Arts Center, auto dealer Jim Evans commissioned Tom in the Summer of 2017 to create a series of iconic Dayton-centric images for his new showroom, Infiniti of Dayton. After the images were selected, he collaborated with the graphic design team at Catapult Creative to digitally abstract creating the final works of art throughout the showroom. Tom was a featured artist at Sideshow 13 in May 2018, located at Yellow Cab Tavern in downtown Dayton. In August 2018, he was the visiting artist at Crane Studios Market in the East Dayton Arts District (now The Market at the Park).



Eric is an analog retronaut who is slowly traversing the digital wasteland on his 1978 Batavus moped. A lover of all things vintage and retro, he’s had an interest in the arts–music, performing arts and visual art–since a young age. His other great passion is for mechanical things, ranging from vintage cars to bicycles and mopeds. Eric grew up near Troy, attended the University of Dayton, and has been part of the downtown Dayton arts community since 2002, first with Victoria Theatre Association and as Marketing and Communications Manager at The Dayton Art Institute since 2009. Although he doesn’t necessarily consider himself a “professional photographer” per se, photography has been part of his professional life since the early 1990s. After purchasing vintage Puch and Batavus mopeds in 2017 (the Puch was subsequently stolen in August 2018), Eric took inspiration from a moped-themed Instagram account called The Wandering Pacer (@thewanderingpacer). Combining his newfound love of mopeds and his love of photography, he launched a series of #UrbanMoped photos on Instagram, documenting his two-wheeled adventures in downtown Dayton and the Historic Inner East Dayton neighborhoods surrounding the Gem City Catfe. He’s honored (and a bit humbled) to have a selection of those photos featured alongside the photography of Tom Gilliam and Amy Dallis. Although mopeds haven’t ruined his life yet (an inside joke in the moped community), Eric firmly believes the future was so much cooler in the past. 

Follow Eric’s #UrbanMoped adventures on Instagram: @ericebrockman


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