Unfortunately, no. We are home to 12 cats that are looking for love. For this reason, as well as to help minimize health and safety risks, we cannot allow outside pets. We appreciate your understanding as we try to give extra attention to homeless pets in need, and keep our communal cat colony in excellent health.

will i get cat hair in my coffee?

Fortunately, no! Our café and espresso bar is in an area that’s separated from the cat lounge by two doors. Customers are welcome to bring their café drinks and snacks into the lounge if they wish. We will serve all drinks in paper to-go cups, with lids.

can i bring a cat home with me?

Yes! Our cats are adoptable from our rescue parter, Gem City Kitties. We follow standard rescue adoption counseling practices, we encourage you to read more about them here. Adoptions are able to be approved on the same day and you can take your new friend home with you! We recommend filling out the adoption application online in advance. Click here for the online adoption application.