Bachelorette Parties at the Catfe! 

Let our Events Manager work with you to host a fantastic, customized Bachelorette Party in Dayton! With cats, cocktails, and cupcakes - we're a perfect fit! We can work with you to be a part of your evening or help recommend other places to continue the party!


We’re located in historic St. Anne’s Hill, just blocks from the Oregon District. The cat lounge can hold up to 15 guests and the upstairs can hold up to 25. The spaces can be rented separately or combined based on your needs! Cat lounge rental starts at $60/hour and the upstairs space starts at $150/hour for exclusive access. The upstairs space has its own restroom and wet bar area.


We can prepare a specific menu for your event and order custom amounts from any our bakery partners, including Boosalis, Macaron Bar, and Little Pink Bakery. We’re happy to recommend wine for your event or order your favorites that aren’t on our menu, as long as they are available from our distributor!


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