Mikee Huber is a Dayton, Ohio artist whose current artistic obsession is creating oil based multi-media abstract paintings. She refers to her abstracts as “Controlled Chaos”, finding that title fitting given the approach she takes using unique mediums and unconventional tools, as well as a reflection of the busy lives many of us live. She draws inspiration from scientific images she sees during her day job to create the organic looking paintings and enjoys reimagining the factual data into colorful realms of possibility. She often invites viewers to touch the glossy surfaces of her paintings and enjoys seeing their looks of amazement when the appearance belies the textures of the painted surfaces.

Born in the 1970s, Huber has a studio in the McCook Field Neighborhood where you can find her listening to disco, funk, and Michael Jackson’s music while she paints. She earned an Associates of Art in Fine Art, an Associate of Science in Commercial Art, and a Photography Certificate from Clark State Community College, in Springfield, OH. Huber has worked as a graphics designer supporting scientists and engineers for 23 years. Her art is in private collections in Dayton and Columbus, OH, Harrisburg, PA, Madison, IN, Clarksville, TN, Colorado Springs, CO, Houston, TX, Albuquerque, NM and Las Vegas, NV.



“Controlled chaos” is fitting for the approach I take with the mediums and unconventional tools I use, as well as a reflection of the busy lives many of us live. Tongue depressors, toothpicks, eyedroppers, tweezers and my fingers dance across the canvas, taking the place of the traditional paintbrush to combine layers of paint, glitter, glue and foil leaf. Most of my paintings are untitled to allow the viewer to have their own personal emotional connection. When viewing my paintings some may see geodes, seascapes, or a microscopic organic new world where others may remember their grandmother’s garden. The fluid movements lead the eyes from abstract landscapes and pools of color, into the unknown, begging the viewer to see their own story.

My obsession with abstracts found in science and nature help fuel my experimentation with fluid oil based mixed mediums, which allows a creative process that is both calming and energizing. As a graphics designer at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, I draw inspiration for my mixed medium abstracts from intriguing imagery scientists and engineers produce for their research. I enjoy interpreting and reimagining factual data into colorful realms of possibility. I often allow viewers to touch the glossy surfaces of the paintings and enjoy their reactions of wonder revealed by how the surface feels. Therefore, I encourage those viewing the paintings online to zoom in to see the details. Areas that appear rough can be as smooth as glass while some areas appear smooth yet can have a texture, thus surprising the viewer. I also experiment with scale, my paintings range in size from a quaint 4”x4” to an expansive 36”x48”.